Wednesday, May 21, 2008

is chocolate pudding nutritious?

My friend's sister, Libby, recently told me about this new diet that a lot of her friends are on. It's kind of sad that they're so worried about their weight at their age - Libby's only 14 and barely filled out, but I guess kids are getting 'older' at a younger age nowadays.

The diet they're on is actually a secret - Libby would only let me in on a few of the details, which I promised not to share with anyone (besides my blog readers, of course!). Basically, the diet was started by a Lakewood housewife who, for $50 a month, gives you a diet plan that consists of eating mayonnaise and crackers everyday. You have to call her every week and tell her what you ate during the past week and then the diet is modified for the next.

I'm pretty sure that the non-fat chocolate pudding I had for a snack is waaaay more nutritious (and more delicious) than crackers and mayonnaise.

Can someone call this Lakewood housewife and tell her to stay away the nuts?


The Babysitter said...

I never liked the sound of any of the diets where you can only eat one type of food. But Mayonnaise does sound fattening. But I stopped eating it when I stopped having tuna fish so it doesn't sound too appetizing to me.
But then with the low fat stuff, I heard that whole wheat bread actually has more calories or something than plain bread.