Thursday, May 29, 2008

Girls & Sushi

what defines an obsession? an addiction?

i think i speak for many Jewish girls out there when I say that Sushi is an addiction, a pricey addiction.

I was at one of my fave sushi restos for lunch the other day with a friend, filling a craving for my favorite roll - the one with pine nuts, spinach and salmon which probably sounds weird unless you've tried it and know that it's amazing.

Is this an affliction that only befalls Jewish girls? There we were at the cute eatery, two girls among a sea of other young Jewish single girls, all eating away at those yummy little morsels. The only guys in the place were the ones working there. And yet, that was not enough of a drawback to keep us from dining.

If only a roll of maki were the same price as a slice of pizza! My wallet would surely benefit. But maybe it's the misogyny of our society that prices items higher for those of my gender.

But I know one thing - a guy who can handle his chopsticks is the guy for me!


Adam in the Caribbean said...

I love'em too. And while sushi is expensive, you at least have access to it. Without any kosher restaurants available without getting on an airplane, all I can do here is look into sushi restaurants and fantasize of my next trip to society.

chanie said...

what are u doing in the caribbean?

Adam in the Caribbean said...

chanie -

I am suffering as any sincere frum Jew would. Many frum Jews are envious of me, but I don't know why. I've lived in snowless locales before that are almost infinitely better than here. Okay the beaches are nice, but other than at sunset, when can I visit them as there aren't any gender segregated beaches?

I've been told stories from the local Rav of frum people who move to Caribbean islands living double lives. When they are on the mainland they are all so frum and proper, but back on the islands they eat and do all sorts of treif things.

I won't allow that to happen to me and have decided to leave the island I am on just before Rosh Hashana. Three years is enough.

As to what moved me here, it was work.

Anonymous said...

i must say, as a jewish girl (that you added on facebook) i hate sushi

Maidel said...

i'll admit that not all of my jewish girl friends love sushi - but those are the ones i see less often!